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Super Charging Station

Now you can charge all your Apple devices from one charging station. Use the wireless feature to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch, and Airpods. And use the USB/USB-C Ports to charge your iPad and MacBook.

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Wireless Charging.

Wireless charge your iPhone and Airpods all from one MagSafe compatible wireless charger. Compatible with iPhone 12, 13, 14 and AirPods with wireless charging case.

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  • My wife got an iPhone 12 and wanted a charger that she could just leave on a desk or pick up and still charge without having to plug and unplug the phone. This MagSafe-style charger works well. It seems well constructed. She especially likes the big green ring that lights up on the phone when first attached that show the charge percentage and that it is connected.

    - Rodney E.

  • I had a battery pack for my phone previously. But it required a wire to charge my phone. I bought this because I like the fact that I could charge my phone wirelessly and I liked the fact that it had the section to the phone. Quite honestly this is amazing it's lightweight the section is strong and I can almost use the battery pack as a handle when going through my phone.

    - Frank E.

  • Have charged my phone twice with this and it still has over half charge in it. I take weekend long getaways and thanks to this power bank, i do not need to take a charging cord with. Nice having power with when you need it. The wireless connection for charging the phone is fantastic, just set it down and it top of the power bank and it charges, wirelessly. Must have for frequent travelers.

    - klee

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